VPRX Oil is an all natural herbal based penis enlargement male enhancement augmentation technique that requires no pills, pumps, exercises or vitamins.

VP-RX Big Penis Oil

VP-RX Oil works

Why VP-RX Oil Works

VP-RX Big Penis Oil has been uniquely formulated with a variety of natural herbal remedies, vitamins, amino acids and flavoring to create an incredibly effective and powerful lubricant. One of the main ingredients in assisting with the sexual boost is L-Argynine; an amino acid which converts to nitric oxide which is a fundamental building block to the cycle of orgasm in men.

Another powerful ingredient in VP-RX Oil is menthol. This ingredient creates an opportunity for the amino acid (which is a relatively large molecule and not normally readily absorbed through the skin) to be absorbed transdermally when applied topically to the skin. This allows for the ingredients to work quickly and effectively in increasing sexual power and sensitivity directly through the skin.

VP-RX Oil Male Enhancement Lubricant

VP-RX Oil is a very sophisticated personal lubricant. Unlike other oils that are sticky or greasy, the VP-RX Oil product is formulated to be slippery and smooth when applied - and to stay slippery, smooth, and wet during use. VP-RX Oil is water-based so there are no issues with latex condoms and allows the formula to taste much better than the majority of competitive products on the market. The water-base also dries naturally after use leaving no sticky residue or uncomfortable feeling attributed to other lubricant products. All the components in VP-RX Big Penis Oil are hypo-allergenic and 100% USP approved for food use.

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